a programming rabbit

Welcome to my website!

I enjoy building funny or useful sites whenever I feel like it.

The only language I know well right now is JavaScript, but I hope to learn more programming things in the future.

The main font I use is called Lexend Deca, which is known for improving reading proficiency.

Some other things that I like or interest me include:

• Bunnies

• Terraria

• Browsing YouTube

Gradients and shadow

• Changing my websites too often


Screenshot of the Plannter website


Manage and keep track of all the courses, achievements, and tests you have completed during high school.

January 2023

January 2023

Screenshot of the Yearn website


Organize everything you yearn for into a simple list.

November 2022

January 2023

Screenshot of the Text Filter website

Text Filter

Filter unwanted strings from text in a number of different ways.

August 2022

November 2022

Screenshot of the Cerebric website


A speed typing website to help you study.

May 2022

December 2022

Screenshot of the Decorate a Tree website

Decorate a Tree

Decorate your own digital Christmas tree with various ornaments, candy canes, lights, and more.

December 2021

December 2022

Screenshot of the Rick Roll Roulette website

Rick Roll Roulette

Play a more modern, meme-y version of the classic game of chance.

December 2021

October 2022

Screenshot of the Emoticon Generator website

Emoticon Generator

Randomly generate unique text emoticons.

November 2021

November 2022

Screenshot of the Colorful Bunnies website

Colorful Bunnies

Browse and download some colorful bunnies individually, in collections, or in banners.

March 2021

October 2022